RoadSync for Windows Mobile 2003 SE for Pocket PC

Push Email for Windows Mobile SE 2003 Devices! Secure, wireless and "Direct Push" synchronization of corporate e-mail, attachments, calendar & contacts with Exchange Server 2003.
RoadSync for Windows Mobile 2003 SE

Version: 2.006

RoadSync for Windows Mobile 2003 SE by: DataViz, Inc., last updated: 21/09/2006

Requirements: Supported device, Data plan through carrier, Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 (SP2)

About RoadSync for Windows Mobile 2003 SE

Finally "Direct Push"
is now available for Windows Mobile 2003 Devices
Similar to the Messaging Security & Feature Pack (MSFP) for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices, RoadSync is now available for Windows Mobile 2003 SE handsets.

Need a way to stay connected while away from the office?
Use RoadSync for secure, wireless, direct push synchronization with your corporate Outlook e-mail with attachments and data no matter where the day takes you. Now, you can truly mobilize your work life.
The SP2/MSFP features that are included in this version of RoadSync are:
  • Direct Push technology provided by Exchange Server 2003 SP2, maintains an HTTP connection to push new e-mail messages, calendar and contact notifications to the device ensuring that everything is always up-to-date
  • Remote Wipe command allows IT administrators to wipe sensitive Exchange data from the device over the Web, in case a device gets lost or stolen
  • Global Address List (GAL) provides ability to look up and address new e-mail messages to corporate contacts by accessing GAL right from the smartphone
  • Select IT Policies - support for select remotely enforced IT policies will provide Exchange administrators with the ability to manage user policies such as requiring a device password and locally wiping the device after specified number of failed login attempts.

PUSH Your E-Mail - WITHOUT middleware
With RoadSync, businesses can leverage their current investment in Windows Mobile 2003 devices without the need to purchase new handsets to provide Direct Push e-mail to their employees' phones.
Calendar - populates existing built-in calendar
Contacts - populates existing built-in contacts
System Requirements1. Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
(Service Pack 2 is required for Push and Remote Wipe features)
2. Supported Smartphone or Wireless Handset
3. Data Plan through Mobile CarrierAll product and company names are trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective holders ©2006 DataViz, Inc.

RoadSync for Windows Mobile 2003 SE, compatible Devices

Audiovox PPC 6600, Dell Axim X30, Dell Axim X50, HP iPAQ hw6500 Series, HP iPAQ hx2100 Series, HP iPAQ hx2400 Series, HP iPAQ hx2700 Series, HP iPAQ hx4700, HP iPAQ hx4705, Samsung i730, Samsung i750, Samsung i830, Siemens SX66, Verizon XV6600, i-mate PDA2k

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